John wrote:

"Hey Hoss, just wanted to let you know that I got the package last friday and I couldn't be happier.  The Z axis pulley looks awesome!  I'm just poking through the DVD's now and they're exactly what I hoped they would be.  Very informative with lots of big captioned pictures that actually make sense.  You did a great job putting this package together."

Edwin wrote:

"Thanks Hoss, you've been a real big help, ... want to extend my apprecaiton
for taking the time to answer my questions."

Keith wrote:


Hi. I have watched most of your vids and read through many post. You are the Mac-Daddy of small mill mods! Your stuff is an inspiration of creativity. THANKS for sharing."

Robert wrote:

"Hello Mr. Kemp,

My name is Robert and I live in Ontario, Canada. I just wanted to write to you and tell you your website and videos are fantastic and  inspired me to do my own conversion on my mill. Thanks for being a great support and I always look forward to seeing your new and  exciting projects. Once again thank you, and keep up the great work."

Jeroen wrote:

"Hello Sir,

First off all my compliments for you site, very useful for your (starting) colleagueCNC hobbyists! Tonight I have downloaded your plug-in for the automatic probing for Mach3, thanks a lot of making this available. With this jump  start I was able to have the test probe produced, install the software and have the first results in only half an hour! That give a  guy the encouragement to go on with these kind of projects!"

Brad wrote:

"thanks for your inspirational cd and videos, you've really helped a novice here ... !!!"

Customer Reviews
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