X2 Travel Increases

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X2 Freak 18 in. X, 12 in. Y, 10 in. Z

The first will be my own X2 Freak which has 18 inches X, 12 inches Y and 10 inches Z.
This provides the most increase overall but also requires the most work to achieve.
The cost is about $350 for the castings and stock. All machining can be completed with the stock mill before conversion other than the saddle mod. A replacement saddle can be purchased and machined on the stock mill and then swapped for the original.

Asammons Benchtop Monster

Basically an X2 column mated to a Rong-Fu 31 mill base. He ordered the parts from
Harbor Freight Item 33686 for about $260 though it took a couple months for shipment from China. Requires a small amount of machining to the base and column that will require access
to another mill.

LMS Mini Mill Large Table Assembly

A new replacement X2 base assembly that simply requires unbolting your column and mounting it to the new base. It gives 11.8 inches X and 5.1 inches Y travel. Cost is $300.
Also gives you a larger 5 x 18 table with 3 t-slots.

Brians Y Extension

Brian on the GrizHFMinimill Yahoo Forum modified his base to increase the Y travel to
5.5 inches. You need to be a member to view the files. Requires access to another mill to
machine the base to open the throat and move the column mount farther back.
Pitkin of the same forum made a similar mod to his base.

Hoss Y Axis Mod

I made this simple mod to the base when I completed the initial X2 CNC Conversion.
It only requires grinding away some of the throat at the front of the base to increase
the Y travel 3/4 inch. Every little bit helps. Combine this with Brians and you'll get 6.25 Y.
bilinghm on Cnczone did the same mod but used another mill and cut back his Cncfusion
kit to accommodate the extra travel.

Rods Aussie Hybrid Mill

Rodm1954 on Cnczone is building a second custom mill using a compound table from Optimum, a selection of steel components and the X2 column and head assembly.
This build uses a nicer $820 table with 19 inches X and 7 inches Y. His first custom X2
build used the Grizzly H7659 X Y Cross Table $375 that gives 12 X and 8 Y. 
Welding is required and extensive fabrication.

Zipsnipes Small Mill Project

Not really an X2 since he is only using the X2 head assembly but shows what could be done to replace the stock base assembly. It appeears he used a Grizzly $120 12 in. X and 4 in. Y
G8750 6" x 18-1/2" Compound Slide Table. It could have been another model no longer carried by Grizzly but closer to this HEAVY DUTY MILL & DRILL TABLE at Discount Machine Shop on Ebay. It has 11 in. X and 7.5 in. Y travel with an 18.5 x 6 table for $93. You would just need to fabricate a substructure to connect the base with the column.

Hoss 11 Inches X Axis Travel

This is as simple as can be, just remove the endcaps on the stock mill table and you will be
able to overtravel the X axis a little on each side. This is good for some light duty work if you need a few extra inches to machine a part. Check out the video here on Youtube.

Degreasers X2 Y Axis Way Extension

Degreaser over at Cnczone combined my .75 Y Axis Mod and Brians Y Axis Extension
into one. He added extensions to the dovetails in the rear and recut them to 60 degrees
so the travels won't have to overrun the dovetials for much better support.
The Y now gets 5.625 - 6 inches.

Conversion Name




Ease of Completion
1=Easy 5=Hard
X2 Freak 18 12 10 $350 5
Asammons Benchtop Monster 22 8.5 12 $610 4
LMS Large Table Assembly 11.8 5.1 stock $300 1
Brians Y Extension stock 5.5 stock min 3
Hoss Y Axis Mod stock 4.75 stock $0 2
Rod's Aussie Hybrid Mill 19 7 ? $1000 5
Zipsnipes Small Mill Project 11 7.5 stock $200 3
Hoss 11 Inches X Travel 11 stock stock $0 1
Degreasers X2 Y Axis Way Ext.   stock      6   stock          $50?            3
X2 Travel Increases

This page will highlight many of the possible modifications that can be done to the X2
to increase the travel of the Axis'.
The stock travels, depending on which manufacturer you believe, are typically
8 inches for the X, 4 inches for the Y and 8 inches for the Z axis.
This chart gives a quick overview of the conversions, the travels are in inches.
Ease of completion goes from
1=Easy (Simple bolt turning required)
5=Hard ( requires major machining work)
Length of time to complete including shipping times is factored into the rating.
Click the Conversion Name for more information.