X2 freak Conversion Costs
This list will give a sense of the costs needed to complete the X2 Freak Conversion.
Prices will be average costs as the parts can be purchased from different vendors.
In general, money can be saved by ordering the castings thru Harbor Freight calling
(800)-444-3353. Parts are shipped from China and can take up to 8 weeks for delivery.
Grizzly Tools and Little Machine Shop generally have them in stock and can be ordered
online but they cost more.


X2 Base - $45
X2 Column - $65

Aluminum Stock: Online Metals   Online Metal Supply

Tooling Plate - $50 - 100      I found a 12x24x.750 2024 plate on Ebay for $50.
Articulating Head, Tooling Plate Mounts, X Axis Extension - $100


3/8 plate or flat stock for base support - $20

Hardware and Misc - $25

Ballscrew for extended X and Y Axis - $45  Order machined X and Y screws for $115.

Total Approx - $350
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