Thank for your purchase of the Hossmachine 16 Tool ATC DVD-ROM.

This DVD-ROM will provide as much information as possible to allow you to build your own Tool Changer.
I've covered this basically on my website, but this dvdrom contains more
detailed information. The 16T ATC includes over 140 captioned high resolution pictures,
over 27 High quality videos and over 40 detailed cad files (.dxf and .jpg). Also included is a PDF version of my website pages pertaining to the original ATC, the 16T ATC and the Automatic Tool Probing. The links in the PDF's will open in your default web browser. Also included are the Mach 3 Config settings, the M6start macro, the tool changer and tool probe screensets, the xml file and a
Bill of Materials.The Original ATC folder contains 151 Pics, 42 CAD files and 17 Videos.

The files are contained in folders as follows
To access the files, use My Computer or Windows Explorer on your PC.
Autoplay may open it for you if it is enabled on your dvdrom drive.
Use the Preview function to browse through the photos in the Pics folder,
they are in numerical order as taken during the build.

Opening the PDF's

Clicking on a Hyperlink will open the webpage in your default browser.

The first time you click a link, Windows will give you a Launch warning.
Check the box, "Remember my action for this site" then Click Allow to open the Webpage .
The High Resolution  pictures (many 2816 x 2112) can be viewed using
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer In XP.
Right Click a file name>Open With>
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
Many of the images have been edited to include titles, descriptions, instructions, co-responding print names or dimensions.
The Videos are all Microsoft .wmv files. File sizes range from 16 to 179 Megs.
All can be viewed full screen with little loss in quality.
Videos are numbered in order of progress.

The Prints were made with AutoCAD 2002 and saved as .dxf files and also as .jpg.

There are several free programs that can view AutoCAD .dwg and .dxf files.
Informative Graphics - free dwg viewer (
Solidworks - edrawings (
Bently View (

The Mach 3 Config Settings folder contains screen grabs of all the settings my mill is using.
Your may vary.

The Auto Tool Probing folder has all the pics,videos, CAD files and probe codes that pertain
only to the Automatic Tool Probing.

The Screensets folder has the 2 screensets I created.
Hossmachine Mach3 Toolchange Screenset and Hossmachine probing screenset.
They are .zip files which have the .set file and the image files that need extracted to the Mach3/Bitmaps/Millbitmaps folder. The .set file is placed in the Mach3 root folder.
Then click View/Load Screens and browse to the screenset you wish to open.

2009 Daniel E. Kemp
Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.
Hossmachine 16 Tool Automatic Tool Changer
The Auto Tool Probing folder contains 7 videos.
The M6Start macro folder contains the file M6Start.m1s and an image showing how the lines of code
were modified.
In mach 3 click Operator/VB Script Editor, the VB Scripter Window will open, click open and browse
to the M6Start.m1s file, Open and then Save to Mach3/macros/Mach3Mill, overwrite original.
The following are links to very useful outside information.

The Z-bot power Drawbar from LMS that uses Tormach Tooling that I patterned my toolholders on.
Tormach Tooling System operation manual that use 3/4 inch shank tooling.
Tormach TTS Animation  shows the principle of operation.
The Bill of Materials in the PDF's folder will be for the 16T ATC only. The Original ATC has it's own Parts List. You must complete all of the topics covered in the first ATC except the stationary toolrack. You will need a Power Drawbar, Home Switches, Electronics, Tool holders and Software.
This ATC is very versatile and should be able to be mounted on many types of mills. It will fit on a smaller mill such as a stock X2 and X3 by shortening the length of the swivel arm. It could be bolted to a plate mounted on the column that shifts the swivel base farther back. The swivel stepper mount could be oriented to the front, side (like mine) or the back. The whole tool changer could be attached to the left side of the mill if you preferred.
The Original ATC folder contains 17 videos.
The ATC 3 folders contains 12 Videos.
The ATC 3 uses the same swivel mechanism as the 16T but has a smaller toolrack that would work
better for machines such as the X2 and X3. There are 3 toolrack wedge designs for holding different
combinations of small and large tools. This gives you many options and allows for a toolrack with a capacity of 8 to 12 tools. I built an 11 tool rack for 8 small and 3 large tools. The stepper motor is mounted on top of the swingarm and uses off the shelf timing pulleys from
QPEXLA37010F08XL Belt Pulley - Aluminum Double Flang (10 tooth)
QPEXLA37030F12XL Belt Pulley - Aluminum Double Flang (30 tooth)
The videos included show how to assemble the rack and configure Mach 3 along the way including editing the M6Start macro.
Total contents for the DVD-ROM include over 410 pics, almost 100 CAD drawings and over 56 videos.